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Blogger, Social Media Manager, and Graphic Designer

I was born on the 23rd of October in 1971, city of Janzour in the suburbs of the city of Tripoli. After six months of my birth I was sick with a sever fever that caused me to get poliomyelitis. When I became six years old in 1976 I traveled to the city of Belgrade in former Yugoslaviacurrently the capital of Serbia to receive treatment. I have studied elementary school at one of the medical centers in serbo-croatian language. I was going throught therapy and treatment for six years. I returned to my hometown In Libya in 1983 More


Abdusalam Shlebak blogger and activist SocialMedia and active in the rights of persons with disabilities

Manger SocialMedia

Director Website at Libyan Paralympic and special olympic

Director Website

Manger SocialMedia


General authority for social solidarity

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my Twitter@absily

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